Frank Hartmann

A bomb crater - Peter Pilz
You see a dislocation of negative and positive forms: an old bomb crater in a bleak winter landscape, a congruent cone was constructed next to it
The neat built cone connects directly with the sinkhole, steps connect without interruption, complementary forms
All the pictures, which we have in mind, are related. They reflect each other, make their own reality. They quote each other and relay on the differences. They pattern forms, which signifier connote positive (captured space) or jus negative (penetrated space).
Therein a mythic cultural order is mirrored: culture crystallizes in obelisks. The primitive resides in hollows.
Resistancy. The look on to the pictures makes it to an object of desire – not the subject.
Who does not have, what desire in particular amounts, creates the wish to incorporate. Marks, scratches, cuts, grooves, forms: information, registration in the archive.
Pharmakon as the antic term means both at the same time: remedy and poison
The occidental thinking majorily developed changed dualisms: being and appearance, mind and matter, brain and sense, etc.
Permanent ambivalences and oppositions without any future of conciliation but always with big promises. Into the discourse scattered metaphors are the lute , which should hold everything together. War and peace.
Is there a possibility to combine, what was once separated, do the stairs lead up or down?
Art does not appear as reconciliation of contrasts. It lasts at best case as deconstruction: a burst from within.
Frank Hartmann, Mai 2002

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